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You should have a separate business bank account and keep your personal account separate. First, you’ll need to determine what functions you want an accountant to assist with, as well as how often you’ll require their services. Start by making a list of priorities—the items that need attention right away, and the ones that will need to be addressed within six months. Next, you’ll have to pick if you want to work bookkeeping for independent contractors with an independent accountant or an accounting firm. No matter which you opt for, you’ll want to select someone who has plenty of experience with the type of small business you have and who you feel comfortable sharing sensitive information with. Add your estimated self-employment taxes ($14,130) and your estimated federal income taxes ($13,212), and you get an estimated federal tax liability of $27,342.

  • Independent contractors need to pay taxes and keep accurate bookkeeping records.
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  • With Grasshopper business banking, independent contractors can earn interest on their checking amount balances.
  • If you have too many expenses to track by hand, most accounting software for the self-employed includes expense tracking, receipt scanning, and even automatic tax categorization.
  • As an independent contractor, you are not classified as an employee.
  • And of course, if you have money coming in you can put it into your business bank account to pay for startup costs.

Independent contractors, since they are the sole business owner, are responsible for everything that goes on in the business. It’s essential, especially as an independent contractor, that you keep your business transactions transparent. As far as keeping track of expenses, the IRS considers a business expense as anything that is necessary and ordinary to the business. That means every transaction that brings money in and each transaction that goes out of the business account(s). One of the most important tasks for an independent contractor is to track every financial transaction. When you have selected a business name, hold off on buying business cards and stationery for a bit.

Independent Contractor  Accounting Services

In any case, as a freelancer or independent contractor, you are not an employee. This will separate your business transactions from your personal expenses. Also, because there is so much to keep track of, it’s important to stay on top of all of the accounting and bookkeeping duties. An independent contractor is someone who is self-employed and is contracted to provide services to or perform work for another entity as someone who is not hired as an employee.

Many independent contractors instead choose to form limited liability companies (LLCs), which offer liability protection. You should also apply for a federal employer identification number (FEIN) from the IRS even if you don’t have employees. Accounting software for independent contractors is accounting software that is geared toward independent contractors rather than big companies. The software can be an app used on your phone or tablet or one downloaded to your computer.

Quarterly estimated tax payments

The W9 will include their social security number, ITIN or EIN and their mailing address. This form and the information on the form will be kept confidential and is only intended for you/your business, the worker, and the IRS. Accounting is all about being up-to-date with your financial records. Once you sign up for our services, we will take the time to catch up your books to the present month.

If a worker controls those, it means that they are an independent worker. However, if you are still unsure of the class of a worker, you can submit Form SS-8 to the IRS. The IRS will review your submission and respond with an official classification within six months. You should also check the laws of your state to see if there are any special rules to follow, such as California’s new AB5 legislation. You can deduct 50% of self-employment tax that you calculated on Schedule SE, because the IRS considers the employer portion of the self-employment tax to be a deductible expense. The biggest downside to Bench is that if you need the Premium plan, you’ll have to sign an annual contract, so if you’re not happy with the plan, you’re on the hook for an entire year.

Essential 1099 NEC Tax Information Every Business Owner Should Know

Once you have several names, complete some internet research on their background and experience, and read any available reviews. The information provided in the MBO Blog does not constitute legal, tax or financial advice. It does not take into account your particular circumstances, objectives, legal and financial situation or needs. Before acting on any information in the MBO Blog you should consider the appropriateness of the information for your situation in consultation with a professional advisor of your choosing. Manage your project’s expense, time, invoicing and payments — all in one comprehensive platform. Accounting software is a good choice if you’re just getting your business off the ground, and you need basic bookkeeping functions to help you stay on track until you can hire a professional.

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